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I'm Aistė

You know you have a lot to offer. Your brand is how you show that to the world, and how the world feels about it. As a brand strategist and photographer, my work is about understanding who you are in real life and beyond the surface, your elevator pitch or instagram bio. And help you weave that unique energy, story and personality into your brand presence. Often it's hard to see the woods for the trees of your own brand. What makes you unique in your highly saturated industry? What do you have to offer that your competition doesn't? Why are you the right choice for your people? My role, whether through my brand course or photography, is to guide you to find those answers within and build a brand that oozes with confidence in your value. So you can move away from the transactional nature of being the convenient or affordable option, to working with your most deeply aligned kind of people. The ones who are just as invested in and excited to work with, and buy from you, as you are to serve and support them.

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Not just a photographer,

"Her magic is truly seeing women. She captures the raw unflinching beauty in film so that the world can see what she sees - beautiful women - whole, complicated, majestic, aged to perfection, and adorned with the scars that prove they survived." - Erika Olson

Bringing You to tears is kind of my thing. Let me Explain...


But I really know this to be true, because I put myself in your shoes, too. I learnt not just how to capture your intrinsic beauty, but the value of capturing my own, too. On days when I’m struggling with confidence in myself and don't believe I have what it takes to make my dreams happen, I get to look at photographs of myself that give me goosebumps and bring me to tears. That’s the power of seeing your own magic reflected back to you. To see your strength and softness, your beauty and your power visible in ways that you can't always see yourself. To be reminded of just how much you have to offer the world by just being you. And I know it's not just me that feels this way from all those OMG texts and voice notes from clients that trail off with “I better go before I cry!!!" And you know what? I can't wait to get that message from you, too. It's what fuels my passion for this work and reminds me of why this matters so deeply.

I bet you hate being in front of a camera. You don't believe you're confident, beautiful or stylish enough to photograph well. You think your age, shape, body or background means you don't fit into the category of people who get to be captured beautifully. You know that brand photography would be a great investment in your business, but you think you're not enough of a big deal yet to spend money on photos of yourself (gasp!) over something more "practical" for your business. I bet you're thinking right about now: how the hell did she get into my head? Simple, it's because I was and am just like you, too. For years I fully believed I wasn’t photogenic. I know that’s a lie now. Un-photogenic people don’t exist. Good portrait photographers do. I am one. How am I so sure? I’ve been capturing beautiful, raw and enchanting portraits of people (ones who believe they’re un-photogenic) for a couple of decades. I have photographed and moved to happy tears far more people than I can count. And have years worth of hard drives and portfolio full of proof. 



The guiding values and principles of my work are that of freedom, empowerment and alignment. Building a personal brand is about creating a business in alignment with who you are, your needs, your values and the life you want to lead. The freedom and empowerment to be who you want to be and live your life on your own terms.



When the journey of entrepreneurship gets stormy, what helps me keep going is knowing there is a larger vision ahead that I am in pursuit of. It’s so easy to lose faith when you focus on short term results. And you’re not getting what you’ve hoped for. But when you focus on the long term growth of the seeds you’re planting today - you know you’re here for the long haul, however tomorrow looks like. So instead of quitting, you rest, you double-down, you pivot, you adjust, or you just keep going. The vision I’m working towards is that of more time, location, financial and creative freedom. The freedom to live life on my own terms, to pursue passions and ideas that light me up, and take my work where I choose to live and travel. To build a life and business that are aligned with this vision and support you in creating more freedom, fulfilment and alignment in your own life, too. 

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Trying to be someone you're not is like fake smiling - awkward AF and a big no for me.

Do you know how I get those incredible, vulnerable, authentic and jaw-dropping portraits of people where they look like they're having the time of their lives just being themselves? I give them the time and space to do just that. My work is about taking the time to deeply connect with you and your brand, so I can not just translate your brand vision, but elevate it through styling and directing into stunning imagery. From the moment we first connect, I take time to get to know you, build trust and create a space where you feel comfortable to let yourself be truly seen by me. If you want to look like a perfectly curated version of you that you think you "should" be, I'm not here to do that for you. Forcing you into stiff poses, smiling when you don't feel like it, controlling every stray hair and overly curating each moment is a helicopter parent version of photography. It produces cringe-worthy and stuffy results that stifle the beauty of a genuine moment. I'm all about allowing space for creative flow, real emotions, being your true self, and channelling magic instead of trying to force it. And if you are, too - we're a great fit!

Summer storms, misty mountains, golden sand on a sunny beach....

Deep blue waters, dark green forests - I embrace it all. Each person, each place, each moment has a story and a beauty that can be captured if we learn how to look. I find inspiration in fleeting moments, in light, in how the wind blows your hair, how your face wrinkles when you laugh, how much courage lies in your scars, how vulnerable yet powerful it is to be human. Photography allows us to capture a moment in time, but also so much more than that. It helps us connect with people's hearts and tell stories across space and time. It's a way to share your message with the world, to show up and pave way for other people like you to be seen, understood and valued. And to leave your unique legacy for the future. I see you, a magical, gifted and unique being that you are. And I am here to help you lean into what makes you - YOU. Because you have everything you need to be extraordinary and make a difference in this world. I am here to help you reflect that to the world. All I need, is for you to trust my guidance and process, so I can capture and tell your story to my best abilities.




My love for adventure and photography developed from...

Those childhood summer camping and river rafting trips, the hours I used to spend pouring over old family travel photographs, and the pages of National Geographic magazines my uncle used to bring back from Italy. I remember clear as day the dream to become a world-travelling photographer that I've harboured in my heart since that early 90's road-trip across Europe we took with my parents and siblings, from Lithuania to Italy. It was an adventure of a lifetime and one of my most formative experiences. I've witnessed in my own life the impact that various trips I've taken have had on me. Going outside of what we know, our day-to-day life circumstances has the power to give you perspective, to expand what you believe is possible for you and shift the direction of your life. And it's why I've built adventure into the experience I guide you through. It's not just about capturing epic landscapes, it also about transformative magic of the adventure itself.




Your Guide

And Storyteller

Drop the rules. Stop looking for approval from your industry peers. Focus on who you are. And what you want to bring into this world. That's your magic. That will be your unique legacy.