hey, I'm Aistė
Your brand guide & Visual Storyteller

If you've ever found yourself rebelling against societal expectations of who you're supposed to be, you're in good company here. Explaining who I am in a nutshell is one of the hardest things to do. I've never truly fit into neat one-liners or tidy definitions of who I am or what I do. For years, this made me feel like I was either never quite good enough to be who I was supposed to be or completely the opposite—like my true potential was left forever unrecognized and therefore wasted. Over time, I've not only made peace with never being able to pick a lane and stick to it, but I've also realized that this is what makes me who I am. My unique collection of multifaceted interests, passions, skills, and experiences is exactly what I bring to the table. I was never meant to do just one thing because I am not one thing. I see this so easily in others, yet struggled to recognize it in myself. Whether through brand guidance or visual storytelling, this is why I am so passionate about helping you weave everything you have to offer into a personal brand that feels like home, free to be your whole, unapologetic self.

My Love For Adventure And Photography Developed in the 90s from...

Those childhood summers in Lithuania spent sleeping under the stars, camping in the backyard, pack-rafting trips and the hours I used to spend pouring over old family photographs from their adventures all over the Soviet Union. I knew the crinkled pages of the stack of old National Geographic magazines my uncle would bring back from Italy almost like the back of my hand. If I didn't have my nose stuck in a book or lost in a seemingly endless row of beetroot to weed, I'd sit there for hours, exploring the world through photographs, dreaming of faraway places I'd like to be exploring some day.

When I was just 4, my family and I took a road-trip across Europe, 10 countries from Lithuania to Italy (to visit said uncle). It was one of my formative experiences, one that had a huge impact on my dreams and my life ever since. Going outside of what you know, has the power to give you perspective, to expand what you believe is possible for you and shift the direction of your life. It's why I love making nature and travel a part of the experience of working with me. It's not just about the beauty of epic landscapes, but the transformative magic of the adventure itself.

Trying To Be Someone You're Not Is Like Fake Smiling - Awkward AF And A Big No For Me.

Do you know how I get those incredible, vulnerable, authentic and jaw-dropping portraits of people where they look like they're having the time of their lives just being themselves? I give them the time and space to do just that. My work is about taking the time to deeply connect with you and your brand, so I can not just translate your brand vision, but elevate it through styling and directing into stunning imagery. From the moment we first connect, I take time to get to know you, build trust and create a space where you feel comfortable to let yourself be truly seen by me. If you want to look like a perfectly curated version of you that you think you "should" be, I'm not here to do that for you. Forcing you into stiff poses, smiling when you don't feel like it, controlling every stray hair and overly curating each moment is a helicopter parent version of photography. It produces cringe-worthy and stuffy results that stifle the beauty of a genuine moment. I'm all about allowing space for creative flow, real emotions, being your true self, and channelling magic instead of trying to force it. And if you are, too - we're a great fit!

Summer Storms, Misty Mountains, Golden Sand On A Sunny Beach....

Deep blue waters, dark green forests - I embrace it all. Each person, each place, each moment has a story and a beauty that can be captured if we learn how to look. I find inspiration in fleeting moments, in light, in how the wind blows your hair, how your face wrinkles when you laugh, how much courage lies in your scars, how vulnerable yet powerful it is to be human. Photography allows us to capture a moment in time, but also so much more than that. It helps us connect with people's hearts and tell stories across space and time. It's a way to share your message with the world, to show up and pave way for other people like you to be seen, understood and valued. And to leave your unique legacy for the future. I see you, a magical, gifted and unique being that you are. And I am here to help you lean into what makes you - YOU. Because you have everything you need to be extraordinary and make a difference in this world. I am here to help you reflect that to the world. All I need, is for you to trust my guidance and process, so I can capture and tell your story to my best abilities.

Mirror To Your Magic

You're done hiding behind professional branding and educational content, trying to prove your value to your audience. You know you have so much to offer the world. You're ready for a brand that reflects your whole, unapologetic self and the deep magic you hold within. You're ready not just to be seen, but known for your brilliance. Through brand guidance, creative direction and visual story-telling, I am here to help excavate who you truly are beyond the surface, the elevator pitch or your instagram bio. And help you weave that unique energy, story and personality into your brand presence. So your brand becomes a true reflection of everything you have to offer. 

Often it's hard to see your own brand clearly. What makes you unique in your highly saturated industry? What do you have to offer that your competition doesn't? Why are you the right choice for your people? I am here to help you see your own brilliance and build a brand that oozes with confidence in your unique intrinsic value. So you can call in more of your kind of people to your work. The ones who are just as invested in and excited to work with as you are to serve and support them. The ones who cannot fucking wait for you to own your full power, because the work you do when you recognise your own brilliance will be the best fucking thing they've ever seen.

"I loved the organic, playful nature of the whole experience. It felt empowering and Aiste made me feel super comfortable. This shoot and the resultant images have been an integral part of me owning my authority in my industry, especially in feeling confident to pitch for PR opportunities with national publications, podcasts etc. Everyone raves about my photographs!"

mangala Holland, Sexual empowerment Coach

"Aiste is such a wonderful person to work with - clear and regular communication leading up to the shoot, an abundance of ideas and inspiration, and really personable. She produces stunning outcomes that depict an authentic feel for you and your business, with such love, investment, and attention to detail along the way."

Emma Baker, designer & Seamstress

"I am beyond grateful to have crossed paths with Aiste. Her understanding and ability to capture moments is as though we met in a previous lifetime. Aiste went above and beyond pre and post shoot in selfless research, mentoring, coaching and gifted photography to bring my dreams to reality. An experience I will forever treasure and recommend."

Harvinder brar, Henna Artist

I" did two photoshoots with Aiste over two years and I enjoyed the experience and results so much, she's so talented and a kind human that makes you feel at ease, highly recommend it If you're a small biz looking to have a bank of gorgeous photos to use!"

Alessia Gandolfo, Business Coach

"AHHHHHHHH THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! They look amazing! I am blown away by you and your talent. Thank you for making me feel like the most embodied, authentic, best version of me. You are magic and I appreciate you so much. You have no idea how this whole process has helped me concrete my plans and what I want to put out into the world."

Donna Louise Hay, Coach