This is me, Aiste - a witch, with a camera for a wand.


Hello and thanks for stopping by!

I'm a photographer, and I've been photographing people, street life, events, community projects and everything around me since I my early teens. But I've been capturing and preserving images in my own mind since I could see. I've always wanted to be a photographer. And recently I made a commitment to give it my best and absolute effort. 

I'm really into witches, fairy tales, drawing, self-empowerment and goofing around.  I call myself a witch, because for me that is a recognition of a woman who knows the depth of her own power, and has faced herself, deep within. Every woman who knows herself and her power is a woken witch. And witches are wicked, in a good way!

I'm also an illustrator. Drawing for me is a means to channel and process certain thoughts and feelings. I used to draw tons as a kid, but school kind of killed my creativity. After university I found myself craving creative expression, photography came to a bit of a creative winter and drawing became a means to fulfil that need. If you want to see my work head to the Illustrations section or follow me on Instagram @asaulyte.

I live in a town called Lewes, with my wonderful and just as goofy as I boyfriend John. Lewes is beautiful and famous for the craziest bonfire nights you'll ever live to see, hip coffee shops (oh and pubs, lots of pubs & breweries), a haven for antiques, charity shops & flea markets and a myriad of creatives & makers. As well as the lovely South Downs national park that surrounds us here. And it's not so far from the sea. So naturally, we love it here. 

Follow me on Instagram @asaulyte if you're curious about my illustrations & thoughts. 

Thanks for stopping by.


I look forward to getting to know you and capturing your story!

Aiste x


Photo of my dearest, and myself by Jess McGhie.

Photo of John & I, credit to Yannick Zurflueh