Adventurous UK Photoshoot Location Ideas

A woman standing on a mountain at sunset in Snowdonia, Wales

Are you planning an epic brand photoshoot to elevate your personal brand and empower yourself with the right content for your marketing so you can grow and scale your business to new heights? Then this is a blog for you!

You have a brand that is infused with adventure. Your brand photography needs to reflect your brand values and align with your personality. Choosing an adventurous environment for your brand photoshoot will effortlessly help you elevate your brand aesthetic and communicate your values to your audience.

The right location will also set the scene for the story you are looking to tell through your images. It will help you create the feeling and atmosphere you desire your images to exude. Through the intentional choice of props, outfits, scene-setting, light and aesthetic of the location, your brand photography will attract, enchant and take your audience on a journey with you.

How I help my clients choose the right location

As a brand photographer, I have travelled and worked with creatives and business owners all over the UK. I spend hours researching and scouting the right locations for my brand photography clients. And if you work with me, choosing a location is not something you’ll have to worry about! When we begin our journey of working together, I first spend time getting to know you, understanding your story, what your business is like and what your goals are for the future, both in business and life!

I research your audience and your industry to understand how to align your brand with the right people and help you stand out of the crowd of other businesses within your niche doing a similar thing! I then use all these deep insights and my expertise as a photographer to select the right locations for your personality and your brand.

If you want my top tips on how to find that perfect location yourself or your chosen brand photographer, then keep on reading! And if you’re looking to get inspired to hit the road and chase the sun in the most incredible locations, then I’ve got some of my top UK recommendations for you!

How to plan for an adventurous brand photoshoot

You know you want more of that wild, adventurous and epic feel to your brand photos. But you’re not really sure where to begin searching for the right location or what makes a suitable one? I’ve got you!

If you’re about to hire or are already working with a photographer for your photoshoot, you can bring this list to them and get inspired together. If you have booked a short session, it may not be possible to travel further than what’s on your door-step for your photoshoot, so make sure to communicate that you’re willing to go the extra mile for your dream location and ask your photographer if a longer session may be needed for this. My photoshoots are designed specifically to allow you to benefit from amazing locations, by giving the time and space needed for the amount of travel needed to hike up a mountain in time for golden light if that’s what will make for the best images. This also requires more advance planning than booking a shoot in your local studio or park, so if you’re hoping to have your photography ready for a launch, I do advise you get in touch with your photographer early on, so you can plan your epic adventure ahead of time.

How to choose the right location for your brand

When choosing a location that will work well for your brand, you want to consider two key things:

Your Brand. What are your brand values? What is the feeling you want to communicate through your images. What location would best align with your brand aesthetic? What locations are you and your ideal audience most drawn to?

The Location. You will want to consider the textures and colours of the location. How much variety and range one location offers, so you can make the most of it.

How the weather and time of year will affect the look of the location. The time of day, the light and direction of the sun are key to choosing the right place to shoot.

And lastly, don’t forget to consider how you will get to your desired spots, will you have much to carry and does the space offer some privacy or will it be crowded with tourists. If you’re already a little nervous in front of the camera, you’ll want to make sure you’re going somewhere with less passers-by so you can fully relax and enjoy the experience.

When it comes to understanding what makes light good, what light will suit your brand and why the direction of the sun is important, you will want to consult and trust your photographer to guide you. Photography is all about light. Whilst photographers are skilled at working with all kinds of light scenarios, it produces very different results. You want to make sure that the light will be right for your brand aesthetic and the feeling you want in your photos. Every photographer has their own style and a huge part of how we create that style and consistency is the light we choose to work with. So if you have chosen your photographer, because you love their style, trust them to guide you when the best time or best locations for your brand photoshoot will be. That will make sure you get the result you’re hoping for.

This is why I highly recommend that whilst the higher investment may feel stretchy, this is really not the time to get your friend who’s vaguely into photography to create your brand photos for you. If you choose to work with a skilled wedding or lifestyle photographer, they will be able to advise you about locations, light and be able to create stunning photography. But make sure they really understand what your brand needs, as they may not be as experienced in creating imagery that is aligned with business and marketing goals!

Choosing a brand photographer for your business photoshoot is the best and most reliable investment you can make, because not only they will create gorgeous and epic photos of you looking incredible, but they will also bring a ton of brand strategy, marketing and business expertise and be able to guide you through this process to deliver results that will truly work for your business.

Now, I am sure you’re ready for some serious inspiration? Let’s dive in and explore some of the most jaw-dropping locations around the UK.


With the breathtaking mountains, waterfalls, lakes, and ancient forests, Wales is a magical place. From mountain peaks, to river valleys, to sandy beaches there is so much variety there for an ultimate adventure photoshoot.

Snowdonia National Park, North Wales

Brecon Beacons National Park, South Wales

Pembrokeshire Coast National Park, South Wales

Wye Valley, Mid-Wales

Shropshire Hills, Mid-Wales

Anglesey Island, North-West coast of Wales


Cornwall has some of the most outstanding beaches in the country, and whilst the onslaught of tourists in the summer may not seem like the best idea, go off season and enjoy some of the most outstanding locations – from rugged coastline, to tidal coves and rock-pools and long stretches of gorgeous sandy beaches.


St Agnes Heritage coast

Penwith Heritage coast

The Lizard Heritage Coast

North-West Cornwall Coastline


Scotland is guaranteed to take your brand photography to a higher level! It has everything to offer – the mountains, the beaches, the castles, the mysterious forests and lochs seeped in legends. This is an ultimate adventure destination.

The Highlands

Isle of Sky

Isle of Lewes & Harris

Isle of Arran

Cairngorms National Park

Loch Lomond & The Trossachs National Park

Galloway Forest Park


Devon and Dorset have some of the most stunning of the UK coastal locations. The entire Jurassic coast offers so many beautiful spots. Along with the North Devon coastline and Dartmoor, you are spoilt for choice here, too.

Dartmoor National Park

North & Hartland Heritage Devon Coast

South Devon Coastline

The Jurrasic Coast


Whether it’s lakes or rolling hills you seek, the north of England has you covered. Not to forget, there are also some absolutely beautiful beaches to explore, too! I still haven’t explored as much of this part of the UK as I’d like to, so if you have any favourites – feel free to let me know in the comments!

Peak District National Park

Lake District National Park

Yorkshire Dales National Park

North York Moors National Park

North Pennines

Northumberland National Park


Sussex is where I have been based for the last 6 years. Whilst I have used the same locations many a time with different clients, top favourites being Ashdown Forest and Cuckmere Haven, it never ceases to surprise and inspire me. As the seasons and weather changes, I could return to the exact same spot (and have many times) and find it clothed in entirely different atmosphere. With the changes of growth and colours through the seasons, the variety each place offers is never-ending. If you’re looking for coastal cliffs, or beautiful forests – look no further!

New Forest

Ashdown Forest

The Seven Sisters

Isle of Wight, South Coast of England

Are you feeling inspired and ready to create some truly stand out brand photography for your business? Get ready to pack your bags and let’s adventure to some wild and epic locations! You can learn more about my services here and when you’re ready – just fill in my form to get in touch. I can’t wait to adventure with you.