Life is an adventure!


Life is short, magical and absolutely wonderful! And we only have this one time to make the most of it. The days will come and go. But the memories that we create and savour will stay with us for the duration. don't just wait for a wedding day to have moments of your life preserved to remind you of the life well lived and full of love . because each and every day is precious.


So you’re ready for a wild & beautiful adventure with your love, and me third-wheeling with my camera?

Let’s get you all clued up. Here you will find all you need to know from booking to delivery.

But feel free to drop me a message with any other questions. I am here for you all the way.


Before You Book

Let’s plan you the best possible experience…


Here are Three blog posts I recommend reading Before Booking Your Session!

It’s a chance for the two of you to really take the time, relax and ease into the session, and simply enjoy it. You get to just be yourselves and have your love captured on camera. The whole point of a couple session is to capture your own unique relationship and character the way it really is! Quiet, shy, intimate, loud, weird, cooky - whoever you are as a couple, this is a chance for that to really come through.

95% of the people I photograph are not confident in front of the lens. A lot of them worry about how well they will do, and that’s ok - it’s a very very common worry. But that’s where I come in - I am used to it, I have methods & an approach to photography that is relaxed, and part of my mission is to help you feel as comfortable as possible. And I understand what it feels like to be on both sides of the lens.

Photographs give me that feeling of being connected to every moment that made me. To every moment lived. That to me is the magic of being alive. Being really present and full of love. Photography is the one way I can hold on to people & life that is no longer here. It’s the one testament to the life lived. And the people who have touched my heart.
My purpose - is to share the magic of this world with you.
To remind you of the possibilities that being alive holds: to feel, to experience, to wander, to connect, to love.
To help you preserve those feelings, memories, and people you love, so they may never be lost. So they may bring you back to that feeling, that moment.
And to hold space for you to be fully and truly yourself - authentic, wild & beautiful. And to help share the magic within you.

Featured Sessions

I can’t wait to create unique and timeless photography of your wild and wonderful love.