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Frequently Asked Questions


What Time would a Portrait or Couple session take place?

Photography is all about light. It makes a massive difference in terms of not only the atmosphere & beauty of the photographs, but also how good you look. Harsh sunlight of a summer afternoon can create an interesting setting for photography, but if you’re looking for natural light to embrace your natural features - evening or morning light is what we’re looking for. Mid-afternoon sun is hanging right above our heads creating strong shadows under our eyes and noses. It’s not the most flattering look. Whereas the evening or morning sun (wheather it’s cloudy or clear) comes at an angle, thus giving your skin an even and clear look. Now what we photographers call the Golden Hour, which is either 1 hour after dawn or 1 hour before dusk changes all throughout the year as do the sunrise & sunset times. So it’s always something we will discuss when we plan your session. But to give you a little idea of the different, the Golden Hour in July is around 5-6am and 8-9pm. Whereas in December it’s around 8-9am and 3-4pm. As you can see, the difference in the seasons for the best times of your session are huge and always changing. So if you ever find yourself needing tor reschedule your session, do bear in mind that the best time for it will also change depending on how far ahead the session is rescheduled to.

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Do you offer discounts or Would you work for free, partial payment or trade services?

I am a one girl band. A small business with a huge expenses list (yes, photography is a high-expense job). And whilst I do enjoy collaborations when the timing, the idea and the team is right, I am not able to fill up my schedule with jobs that don’t pay. I know what it’s like to not be able to afford someone’s services, I am not myself at a place where I can outsource help or book that course I’m dreaming about. But the thing is that if it’s something that I need for my business and will bring value or even potential clients to it, then I believe that’s the most worthy investment. So I wait and I save up. If you’re asking me to work for free, you’re asking me to skip my weekends, time with friends and family, or to take time away from my paying clients. It’s unfair to my clients and the people in my life. That said, if you want to trade services for market value (it doesn’t work to offer a scented candle for a full portrait session), then do get in touch with your offer. However, I can only do so many trades without that filling up my calendar with tons of extra work that doesn’t pay the bills, so I only accept those that are a perfect match.

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What if the weather is bad on the day?

I embrace all weather. However, if it’s really pouring it down I don’t want you, me or the camera getting completely soaked as it’s just no fun! If the weather is really stormy on the day of the session, we can always reschedule it for a better day. But if we are overcome with a storm by surprise, we can either embrace dancing in the rain, or run for shelter and wait it out/shoot indoors. If we’re near some nice cafes or bars it’s always an option to move our session there, get a drink and some lovely photos indoors. Our environment & location is what we make of it!

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I'm so shy & nervous in front the camera, will that be an issue?

Trust me, most people I photograph say that to me! Can you see that in my images? No? Exactly. But I say this to all people - I am the photographer, I am the one who knows the angles, and the moments, and the most flattering light for you. This is what I'm good at and love to do - taking a moment, just as simple as any moment and creating an image that takes one aback. During the session, you do not need to do anything special, just relax, have fun & remember that I'm there to capture your most beautiful moments. We will hang out, get to know each other and it will all feel like a day of adventure, a walk in the park with a friend, just that I'll have my camera and in the end you'll have some wonderful pictures to show for it.

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Make-up, hair, accessories? Do I need something special?

Do whatever makes you feel comfortable. But make sure you feel & look like YOU! Keep it simple & keep it natural. Or dress yourself up! Do whatever makes you feel comfortable. Whenever I do styled shoots, I keep hair natural & make-up super simple or none at all. I love bringing along some brighter lip colours to make your lips pop. It looks great with certain outfits. If in doubt, just bring what you want & we can decide at the time. Keep your hair simple, there is most likely going to be wind involved (this is UK after all) and trust me, it makes for the best photos. I also don't want you to worry about your hair the whole time and any stray locks. 
If you have accessories like scarves, hats, jackets and jewellery - bring along a variety. It's the easiest way to mix up the outfits and make the same thing look more varied.
 I will help you pick what will look good, puff up or move your hair if it needs it - consider me your best friend. But mostly I'll want us to play around, be carefree and enjoy the process. So if you want professional hair & make-up, that's for you to arrange. I can however recommend a great green make-up artist if she's available on the day.


I hope you’ve found this helpful.

If you have any other questions, just don't hesitate to ask!