Clear the Day

To make the best out of this session, I want you to take this day as a day of self-care & self-love. Clear your schedule! Do not make other commitments. Have a bath, breathe, meditate - whatever it is that makes you feel relaxed, refreshed and at ease.  I don't want you to be rushing over from a meeting and watching the clock, because you have somewhere to be. This is a day for YOU! It's a day for frolicking in the fields, a day for an adventure. So circle that day in your diary. You're investing in this session & in you - make that investment a priority.

Plan your outfits in advance

Wear what you feel comfortable & confident in. And think of the landscape that we've chosen for your session. If it's a park or a forest, you don't want to wear lots of green or you'll be blending in with your background. The ideal colour choices are the opposite of the colour spectrum to the landscape we'll be shooting in. But whites & neutral tones are always a good go to.

for couples - have a romantic day off, breakfast in bed, etc

for portraits - what puts you in the zone? meditation, yoga, walks, journalling, dancing - anything to get you feeling relaxed, etc.

booking makeup (ellie gill recommendation)

have a bath & pamper yourself day

read a blog about how I help you feel comfrotable

stay calm - and trust me

send me any questions you have