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Intuitive, soulful & authentic photography for whole-hearted people.

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Hi, I’m Aiste. It’s nice to meet you!

I’m a South East, UK based personal branding & intimate wedding photographer.

I create personal brand photography to help creatives & small business owners connect with their people and show up fully in their light.

I preserve authentic moments for free-spirited, wild and whole-hearted couples who are madly in love.

I also illustrate witchy and dreamlike imaginings.

I write about intuitive living, soulful business & creative magic. And create educational resources for business owners & fellow photographers.


My Approach

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I love to photograph people, to capture their feelings and the shine of their soul & whilst photography is my life-long love affair, I'm also an illustrator, poet and writer.

And so I think in visions, feelings and stories. And that is what guides my photography.

I shoot with natural light, in a candid manner.

I seek to capture the beauty and magic of what could be seen as the most ordinary moments.

As a photographer I am able to give people my heart, care and the ability to find, share and save those magical moments of their lives and celebrate the beauty of their stories.

During a photoshoot we will take time to get to chat, connect, explore a beautiful location, and simply have fun. I seek to find those moments when people are most relaxed and their honest selves, as there is great beauty in the natural flow and simplicity of life.

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Aiste captured all the parts of me, my vulnerability, my nose-crinkling smile (that only comes out when I am really happy), my joy, my mermaid heart and my determination to make the most of this beautiful life.
If you are looking for a photographer who will skillfully capture your heart in your natural habitat and capture your true essence, this wonderful human is your woman.
— Hannah

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