I love to photograph people, to capture their feelings and the shine of their soul.

Whilst photography is my life-long love affair, I'm also an illustrator, poet and writer. I think in visions, feelings and stories. And that is what guides my photography. 

I shoot with natural light, in a candid manner. I seek to capture the beauty and magic of what could be seen as the most ordinary moments. As a photographer I am able to give people my heart, care and the ability to find, share and save those magical moments of their lives and celebrate the beauty of their stories. 

During a photoshoot I am a very gentle presence. I seek to find those moments when people are most relaxed and their honest selves, as there is great beauty in the natural flow and simplicity of life.

Sophie + George. Couple Session. Aiste Saulyte Photohraphy_170.JPG


That true, honest, raw connection and intimate moments between two souls is what fascinates me so much about capturing couples and the beautiful love they share. As well as all the goofy and the serious, the shy and the proud moments - their true selves in that moment in time. To take that and to create something so timeless as photographs, that they may one day share with their children and grandchildren, is a great blessing and honour.


Celebrate your beauty, your growth, your personality. Let me tell your story and celebrate YOU! Get in touch and let's make that celebration magical. 


This is me - Aiste!


I celebrate emotions, creating an honest connection & the beauty of being vulnerable. I'm always up for an adventure, stretching my legs, getting my boots messy (well, they're always pretty muddy) and braving all sorts of weather or time of day. I love light and witnessing the glory of every time of day. I want my photography to reflect your own unique imprint on this world. I embrace creative flow, spontaneity, natural moments and seek to create art that's based on feeling and connection, rather than strictly planned and staged shots.

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Let's go on an adventure & create something magical together!

Whether you'd like to book a session or have any other questions, simply drop me a message & I'll get back to you! 

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