#WildEyesHonestHearts: Why I'm Starting My Own Hashtag & What it's About.

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I started a #wildeyeshonesthearts hashtag for creative & loving minds alike who want to build a community and a sense of connectedness on instagram. I'd love for it to become a way for even just the smallest group of people to connect in our expression & thoughts about art, life, openness and creativity. I want to find people like me who put their heart and gut at the forefront of what guides them in the process of creating. 

Wild Eyes

I find that although I am constantly inspired by other people in the creative field, other photographers, poets, writers, painters and illustrators, videographers, etc, and want to bring my work up to a high standard within the industry and the artistic community, I let my heart lead. Always! 

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Honest Hearts

I learn rules and pay attention to technique and strategies, but the moment I press the button always depends on a little pinch I get in my gut. A drawing comes out from a beating of my heart. It all starts in the wildness of my eyes. And the openness of my heart. Which translates into a willingness to receive the heart of the world and respond to it. To encapsulate that fleeting moment in a frame. To feel the depth of every moment, to live the emotions, and to react to them. That's what pushes me to create. That desire to feel the world, to live fully, and to truly connect. 

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So if you relate to these ideas and want to join me in living with our eyes wild and hearts open - join me in this community, use my hashtag on your posts that are driven by these same desires. And lets create a collection of deeply emotion based content. I cannot wait to connect to what you share!

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