Ben & Naomi: River Ouse - Couple Session

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Ben & Naomi

An Afternoon by the River Ouse

It was serendipity. When I packed my bags, left my life in London and moved to Lewes - that magical little town that life kept leading me to. It was serendipity and her fairy magic senses that led Naomi here. And it was serendipity that tickled my gut when Ben & Naomi came into the pub I was working at one late Sunday afternoon. They've just had a long walk in the South Downs. And I'd been seeking to arrange some sessions with couples to start off this new chapter in my photography after a creative break. They walked in and I knew I had to speak to them. I was shy and nervous to approach them at first, but then jumped to it - you don't win if you don't try! And there it was 'oh we've been thinking about it lately, actually'.

And there it was - serendipity and something beautiful I could gift these two sweet beings.

Besides being an adorable couple and just lovely, authentic people, they're both embracing a creative life. Naomi is a model, aerialist and dancer (check out her page) & Ben is a singer/songwriter and music teacher. He's releasing his EP very soon and I'll make sure to share it on social media. 

We met up on a bright sunny afternoon. I'd been overworked and ill, worried it would reflect on how well the images turn out. But their sweet laughter and spirit, and that early summer air picked me up in no time. When you do what makes you happy, with great people - it turns everything around. 

We talked about ducks and the weird and wonderful place that Lewes is. They showed me their party tricks. They're still in training progress, but it was super fun to capture! 

All in all, we had fun, we smiled and giggled, embraced the day and now we have something beautiful to show for it. 

Scroll down & soak in their sweet connection.

I hope you can smell that summer air when you look at these. 

Aiste x

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