Cat: Moonlight Play - Portrait Session

Cat Moonlight_76.JPG


Moonlight Play - Creative Portrait Session

At least every now and again it's hugely important to throw away some rules and experiment with your creativity. Consistency is great, but in order to grow in your work you have to test and cross your own boundaries. I've planned to do this shoot with Cat at golden hour, but as life sometimes happens, she turned up as the sun had already set. This was meant to be a creative challenge, so I took it. We shot in the blue hour, as the sun had already gone. The light kept getting dimmer and dimmer with every shot. The moon looked over us, brighter and brighter. I let my process flow. Cat was naturally very shy in front of the camera, but as I gently directed her she soon relaxed and began to play. So these are the results of play. Me, Cat and the Moon. 

Cat Moonlight_38.JPG
Cat Moonlight_141.JPG
Cat Moonlight_29.JPG
Cat Moonlight_27.JPG
Cat Moonlight_142.JPG
Cat Moonlight_137.JPG
Cat Moonlight_30.JPG
Cat Moonlight_139.JPG
Cat Moonlight_36.JPG
Cat Moonlight_41.JPG
Cat Moonlight_42.JPG
Cat Moonlight_68.JPG
Cat Moonlight_59.JPG
Cat Moonlight_70.JPG
Cat Moonlight_73.JPG
Cat Moonlight_80.JPG
Cat Moonlight_78.JPG
Cat Moonlight_86.JPG
Cat Moonlight_89.JPG
Cat Moonlight_88.JPG
Cat Moonlight_107.JPG
Cat Moonlight_85.JPG
Cat Moonlight_94.JPG
Cat Moonlight_97.JPG
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Cat Moonlight_117.JPG
Cat Moonlight_91.JPG
Cat Moonlight_96.JPG
Cat Moonlight_102.JPG
Cat Moonlight_104.JPG
Cat Moonlight_120.JPG
Cat Moonlight_121.JPG

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