Why Weddings are Not the Only Time to Invest in Your Memories

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Why Weddings are Not the Only Time to Invest in Your Memories


Wedding photography is an old tradition. Most people wouldn’t even question the idea of having one of the most memorable days of their lives framed for them to remember for years to come. But love is a journey & an adventure that is worth celebrating each and every day. Personally, those precious memories of the ordinary and the adventurous days, and the magic of the little things is the reason that photography is so valuable and significant to me. If a fire took over my home, photographs would be the first possession that I would aim to save. Life is so short, and it goes by so quickly. Photographs may be the only lasting things of the people and the places that you love so dearly. Look around your own home, what photographs are hanging on your walls and resting on your shelves? Are they filled with photographs of parents, grandparents, your childhood, your children? Couples photography is still a relatively new or unusual idea for many. But whenever I speak to couples about it, it's so often that they tell me they don't have nice pictures of them together or any at all! And I believe that's such a shame. Good photography that captures raw, natural moments between the two of you shouldn't be reserved just for a wedding day!

Memories are invaluable 

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As long as I can remember, I always loved to see the old photographs of my parents and grandparents. I felt closer to them being able to watch when they first got married, to see them become young parents, glimpses of their travels and what they filled their days with helped me feel closer to them and who they are. I loved flicking through old family albums and seeing the funny hairdos of the 70s and camping trips my parents took. Those photographs help me understand where I came from and get a sight of days long gone I will never get to be a part of but know that those are the days that made me. So when I photograph people today, I think about their children, their grandchildren and how they will look through those photographs getting a little taste of their own history. If having your photographs taken is not something you'd think about doing for you now, then think about doing it for your future, or your future grandchildren. This is your one and only life and it is oh so worth remembering!


Capturing you being yourselves

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Even if you're planning a wedding, it's still so worth having a casual couple session before or after your wedding. There's no time pressure, no white dresses, no suits & ties. It's a chance for the two of you to really take the time, relax and ease into the session, and simply enjoy it. You get to just be yourselves and have your love captured on camera. The whole point of a couple session is to capture your own unique relationship and character the way it really is! Quiet, shy, intimate, loud, weird, cooky - whoever you are as a couple, this is a chance for that to really come through.

If you're doing this session before your wedding, it's also the perfect way to get to know your photographer better and get used to having them around. That will really help with making the most of your wedding day portraits! Because you'll already know what it's like, how fun it can be and let's face it - taking that pressure away will really make your big day so much more enjoyable! The added benefit of couple photoshoots is that these photographs are perfect for celebrating your engagement, your wedding announcement, invitations or anywhere else you want to use a beautiful photograph of the two of you before your wedding day. Or you can book this session to celebrate your 1 or 20 year anniversary! Every year is just as precious and important! 


Not every couple wants a wedding

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Times have changed. Weddings are not a necessity in life anymore and I believe that this freedom to decide is awesome and it's completely up to each and every couple to figure out what they want. Whatever floats your boat! The important thing is that you love & respect each other. But don't make your ideas about the marriage contract the reason to not have beautiful photographs of you and your love! You don't need a wedding or a thousand pound cake to remind you that this life is worth celebrating. Couple photoshoots are perfect for capturing the two of you as you are, as you love, and preserving some memories of your time together.  Because wedding or no wedding - that's what matters the most! 


It's a way to celebrate your love.

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How many things in this one short life are more important to you that your partner? Love gives so much meaning and purpose to our lives. It's so worth celebrating, soaking up and appreciating. Celebrating your love and time together can take a million different forms: a breakfast in bed, romantic dinners out in the city or strolls down the beach. It's making birthday surpises and sharing your favourite books. Going on adventures together or spending the day in enjoying each other's company. A photography session is a perfect gift & a way to celebrate your relationship. One of the things I find most fulfilling as a photographer is being able to capture that connection between two people who love each other dearly and share it with them. I seek those real moments of and signs of love, happiness, trust and belonging. The way your nose crinkles when your partner is kissing your face off, how you make a little home in their embrace, the loving look in your eyes, or the way you hold each other like it's the last day on Earth. 


It's an adventure You will both remember


A couple photoshoot is not just some awkward studio time where you'll be posed and forced to smile awkwardly. That's literally my idea of a nightmare. The way I photograph in general is all about having an adventure, embracing life and treasuring the simple moments. Couple sessions are a great opportunity to get outdoors, go to a beautiful place that either has some special meaning for you or is new and interesting to explore and create memories in. Your photographer is basically just tagging along to your romantic day out! Don't let a lack of 'enchanting' locations where you live stop you either, some of the most precious and beautiful photographs could be created spending a morning in your own home, having a slow day, taking a little walk around your neighborhood. Those places will have even more meaning to you and one day you might look back from a different home down the road or an entirely different country and remember that beautiful time you spent living there together and all the things that happened there and then. Because photographs are little windows to the adventures, feelings and moments of our lives. 

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Love is an adventure & journey worth celebrating!


I really cannot say this enough - life is short, magical and absolutely wonderful! And we only have this one time, this one day to make the most of it. The days will come and go. But the memories that we create and savour will stay with us for the duration. If you'd like have photographs of you and the person you love, don't just wait for a wedding day, because each and every day could be a perfect time for it.

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