10 Podcasts for a Soulful Creative Business

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 10 Podcasts for a Soulful Creative Business

I always thought that auditory learning was just not for me. That it all goes in via one ear and goes out via the other. I would still always choose reading a book over listening to an audio version. But my mindset completely changed when I discovered podcasts. I’m actually a great listener when it comes to an in-person conversation, so that could be the reason why I find podcasts really engaging and helpful as a lot of them are conversations between two people. Nowadays, podcasts are part of my every day. I learn tons about business, creativity, self-care, magic and all sorts. So I figured I’d share 10 of my favourite business podcasts with you. They are all full of inspiring examples, quality advice, and heartfelt conversations about what it's really like to run a creative business. Here's 10 of them, in no particular order, as they are all amazing in their own way. 

1. One Girl Band

A podcast for female entrepreneurs + creatives who work for and by themselves.
— by Lola Hoad

"Busy doesn't equal success" is Lola's motto. She has created multiple successful businesses & has experienced first hand what hustle & burnout really means. And now she's a big advocate for slowing down, doing business mindfully & strategically, and not forgetting to take care of your mental & physical health in the process. Lola talks openly about menthal health, her anxiety and self-doubt, which makes it a really supportive podcast to listen to when you're feeling down and like you haven't got what it takes. She even talks about her doubts about creating this podcast in the first place, the fear of just adding to the noise, but doing it anway. To put this in context - it ended up hitting top charts, and if that's not a reason to not listen to your own self-doubts, then I don't know what is! This podcast is fantastic and it's a brilliant contribution to the world of business podcasts, which can sometimes make you feel like you're just inadequate. One Girl Band is going to make you feel so much better about yourself, the potential of your life, and your business. 

A weekly podcast exploring the secrets to online success for dreamers, makers and creatives. With practical tips and inspiring stories. Hashtag Authentic will equip you for the online world, dose you up on inspiration & information, and help you find your online tribe.
— by Sara Tasker

It does what it says in the name. It's a podcast about Instagram & authenticity. Sara Tasker is rightfully crowned the Instagram Queen. She's honest, authentic and measures instagram & business success by the impact you make and the connections you create. The podcast is made up of interviews with other inspiring instagramers and creative business owners and there's a lot of truth about reality vs the highlight reel of Instagram. Perfect, if you're interested in growing a community of likeminded people and finding your own voice & visual style on the platform. You should also check out her new podcast with Jen Carrington called Letters From A Hopeful Creative

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Creative Pep Talk will put the pep in your step that you need to keep going and find your creative career breakthrough. Through talks filled with bizarre analogies and Fraggle Rock references, and interviews with top creative professionals, Dr. Pizza is ready to PEP YOU UP!
— by Andy J. Miller

If you're tired of the same marketing pitches like 'how to make six figures in just under 6 months' or '5 clear steps you need to take to (insert: magically fix everything)' and so on, that just really don't do much for you or your confidence, you're in need of a pep talk from Dr. Pizza. Andy J.Miller is fascinating, creative and looks at things with a dose of healthy attitude and a lot of experience. I learn so much from each episode I listen to and it never ceases to susprise me with a new way to look at the same problem or idea I see everywhere.  Some of my favourite episodes are: 180. Do the Opposite of "Going Viral", 186. the Key to Unlocking Your Creative Super Powers, 176. How to Approach Those You Want to Work With - just to name a few! I still refer back to the lessons he teaches in these all the time. 

Let’s explore what it takes to craft a sustainable, profitable, FUN business, while staying enthusiastic and motivated.
— by Tara Swiger

Tara's podcast really helped me when I needed clear and simple steps I could take in each aspect of my business. Her approach is simple, actionable and her tone is very uplifting. It's a great podcast that breaks down this big idea of a 'business' into small steps and aspects that are so much easier to tackle. Do you not know where to start when it comes to pricing your work? Are you struggling with motivation or how to structure your day? Perhaps your relationship with money is really affecting how you work or you just do't know how to go about making a sale? Episode are short, to the point and very motivational! Each episode is also transcribed & recorded on video, so whichever form you prefer - you've got it! 

A podcast for big-hearted creative business owners.
— by Jen Carrington

So I have this dream business coach list and Jen Carrington is there in the top three. I hugely admire her way of doing business & her approach to helping creatives build businesses that serve them and the life they want. She's not overly present on social media as she pours her energy into her content and coaching. And her content is gold! The podcast is very uplifting and encouraging if you're feeling lost amongst all the business advice out there and really just crave to create a life that works for you. Some of the episodes are interviews with other creatives, and others are solo shows where she talks about a specific aspect of doing business your own way. Season 7 is an audio of her ebook called "Nobody is Going To Do Your Business (Or Your Life) For You & Other Stories".  I'm really glad I now get to listen to her ebook whilst I edit photos or make myself a cup of tea. 

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How do I build my dream job? How do I make money online? Am I ready to leave my 9 to 5? How can I create passive income? How can I grow my Instagram following? And the biggest question of all, can I *really* turn my passion into profits? Welcome to the Goal Digger Podcast where we will answer ALL of these questions and so much more!
— by Jennna Kutcher

Jenna is one of those power-house kind of women. She has created an six figure business and a life on her own terms. Whilst she's a go-getter and a goal digger, she's also a whole-hearted and honest human being, unafraid to share the dark just as much as the light. Her life is not perfect and she doesn't let that stop her from achieving what she desires. And she's convinced that we can do the same. It's a great podcast if you want clear strategies, and tons of motivation delivered with utmost empathy, honesty and so much support & encouragement. 

Conversations about living life a little differently.
— by Fiona Barrows

Heart to heart conversations about business and life on our own terms. I only recently discovered this podcast, but I've listened to several of Fiona's interviews with various creatives and small business owners and every time it leaves me with lots to think about and positive steps or changes I can apply in my own life. If you're craving to just do things your own way, but don't have the confidence as all the information you consume is telling you there is only one true way to success - listen to this podcast. It has inspiring conversations with amazing women like Jen Carrington, Lucy Lucraft, Sas Petheric, Laura Jane Williams, Lucy Sheridan, Jessica Rose Williams and many more. Each of them are choosing life on their own terms and there is lots to learn.

A podcast for creatives and business owners dedicated to designing the life of their dreams.
— by Olivia Bossert

Olivia's podcast is about not being afraid to do business on your own terms, not letting work rule your life and still creating success. Because sucess is living the life of your dreams. And that looks differently to all people. She interviews various creatives who are doing business their own way and talks about topics like self-care, good habits, healthy routine, work and life balance as well as putting yourself out there and going after the jobs, opportunities and sucess that you want. As a fashion photographer based in Cornwall Olivia is a great example of doing things her own way and there's also a great interview with her on that in Fiona's podcast. So give that a listen, too!

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A podcast for creative business owners and dreamers who want to grow soulfully, sustainably and slowly in their work and life. If you feel fear and overwhelm around the idea of marketing yourself, if you’re tired of all the ‘should dos’ and ‘guaranteed formulas for success’, you’ve found a home here.
— by Kayte Ferris

A new podcast that's already making an impact in the way I look at my own business & marketing. It's a podcast about slow marketing that will be made up of three types of episodes: solo shows, interviews with experts, and live coaching sessions. And I think that's a brilliant format for the show as you get to learn from Kayte's brilliant ideas 7 expertise, examples of people out there doing it & making a success of it, and learn from others who are in the early days and still struggling to find their way. In the first episode Kayte explains what slow marketing means and it's an idea that resonates so much with me. In a nutshell it's about marketing that focuses on growing your buisiness with intention, purpose and making it work for you rather than chasing huge numbers and massive growth. And given that Kayte has grown her own business from 0 to being fully booked out and making a real impact in people's lives in under a year, I think it's amazing to learn from her how to create success & result you need, but do it soulfully. 

A weekly podcast for creative and passionate, mission-driven doers, makers and world-shakers designed to inspire and encourage fellow couragemakers, and spark a movement of women who are choosing themselves. Building the life you want and putting epic shit into the world takes a boatload of courage, but you don’t have to do it alone.
— by Meg Kissack

Courage Makers is a podcast I have only dipped my toes in yet, but episode 082: Creativity, Money and the Myth of The Starving Artist with Kerstin Pressler had me making some big shifts in my mindset about money and being paid for work that I love to do. It's really one of those shows that dig deeper and can help you break through your own self-limiting beliefs that are holding you back from really going after what you want. "Warning: this podcast contains courage, vulnerability and the desire to leave this world a brighter place than how we found it" - starts each episode. Doing your own thing takes A LOT of courage and if you want some help to work through your fears and all that baggage that's weighing you down - it's a show for you. 


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