Mixing Magic and Business

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Mixing Magic & Business


Whether you have just come accross my blog, or have been following my work for a little while, you might have already come accross the fact that I call myself a witch. I'm not wiccan. But being a witch is part of my identity and ideology. I found that Lisa Lister perfectly describes my own idea of what it means to be a witch in this day: "The witch is inside each and every one of us. The witch is a woman fully in her power. She's in touch with the dark. She knows how to be the witness, how to let things go and to follow her own councel. She feels the ancient secrets that are in her bones. She causes hierarchical power structures to shake in her wake. She's whole." As I go forward with this blog, I want to share more of my ideas and practices that are to do with this witch business. 

I've also received requests to make my Moon Letters a little more filled with magic & witchery. If you don't know what my Moon Letters are, they are my monthly emails that are released on each New Moon and you can sign up here or just scroll to the bottom of this blog. It's been my intention all along to make them a lot more witchy, but to be completely honest, that aspect of who I am and what I'm about is still one I find myself a little self-conscious to share more about. But I know there are fellow sisters reading what I share, who crave to dig a little deeper, know more and who are growing into their own practices and ideas of witchcraft. And so I want to create resources for my sister-witches to learn from and make use of. I'll be putting together things about moon cycles & menstrual phases, seasonal rituals, old folk tales and creative magic. I am still working out exactely what form these will thake, but you can expect PDFs, blog posts, Moon Letters, perhaps some videos and maybe even an illustrated book/journal (it's a dream I've been dreaming for awhile now!). 

To begin with, I thought it might be a good idea to share a few simple ways I try to bring a little bit more charm and magic into my work, life and creative endeavors. Are you craving magic? Here are some ways you can let it seep into your work days.

Setting the Space

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Sight & smell are really important. They have the power to affect our mood, make us feel uncomfortable or put our anxious minds at ease. You can use that power to your own benefit in some very simple ways. I like to use these little rituals to set the space for my work or creative time. I find that such rituals help to get my mind and energy in line with what's at hand. 

  • Use an essential oil that responds to your needs. I like to use an uplifting blend when I start work to get my motivation up, or an anxiety blend (melissa & frankinsence are my favourites) if I'm feeling more sensitive and anxious.

  • Light a candle when you begin your work to keep that creative fire burning. I find this especially helpful in the dark winter months, as it fills me with warmth and encourages my creative energy. I light a big candle when I begin, and I blow it out when I stop.

  • Burn sage, insence or palo santo to clear the space. It could help to associate different smells with work and rest. Perhaps you could burn sage to start your work day, or spiritual practice, and levander insence for rest time.

  • Cleaning your home and your working space is not to be underestimated. Clutter, dust and stale smells can obstruct your own energy and dampen your mood. I work time to clear and tidy my work space into my daily routine and work time, as everything flows easier when a space is clean and comfortable. If you work from home, it's perfectly ok to do your dishes before you start your emails. Making tea on my work breaks is a ritual to me, and I want to do that in a clear and comfortable space where I don't feel stressed out and overwhelmed by the mess around me. It also keeps my mind focused and minimises unnecessary distractions.

Vision, Goals & Intentions

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What you focus on, that is what you call into & grow in your life. Make time to get really clear on what you desire, where you wan to go and do so periodically.

  • Set monthly intentions on each new moon for your life & business. I take this time to set my goals for the next month, using my adjustable dream planner Road to Your Wildest Dreams (available to you by signing up to my Moon Letters, just use the form at the bottom of this blog post). You can print and use this planner to reflect upon each month and set your intentions for the following one. Or you could simply write your itentions on a piece of paper, or in your journal on each New Moon.

  • Opposite to the new moon, is traditionally seen as the time to let go of things that hold you back. You could write down all that you want to let go of that month on a piece of paper and burn it during full moon.

  • Create vision boards. It's a great way to really visualise those dreams and goals of yours. You can use old magazines or Pinterest, collect or pin imagery that represents that which you want to call into your life, print it out and stick it onto a board that you could keep in front of you. I pin a lot of my visions to my pinterest, and then create and recreate a physical vision board that I keep on my desk. My last one had the vision of what I wanted my brand to be, and once that served its purpose, I created my current one, which is filled with imaged that represent how I want my lifestly to be: slow mornings spend drinking tea & reading, me working as a photographer, a creative space filled with my drawings, travel & time in nature. Since I've created it, a few of those things became my reality: I went full-time as a photographer, I take my mornings slowly, I read and drink my tea, I got published on the cover of a magazine I stuck to my board! and I've put some travel plans in motion. So there you go! That's the power of focus!

  • Speak affirmations. Confidence and self-belief is key. Our brains are wired to believe a lot of fearful "truths". But we can overcome them by repeating what we want to embody and truly believe in. So speak it, write it down, repeat it, keep it in front of you. For example, the words 'You have what it takes" are written on my vision board so that I see them every time I am sat down at my desk.

  • Choose intention words for each year, season & month. I follow the themes of each month via Mystic Mamma, and set my own words for the year. I also try to set a certain theme to focus one each season, perhaps it's sowing the seeds, or growth, or blossoming. I pick a word or phrase that defines where I want my energy to go at that time. For 2018, I chose three words of the year: intention, consistency & gratitude. I wanted these to be the guiding principles of my life this year. To live and create work with intention, to show up to do so consistenly, and to be grateful for what I have, where I am each and every day.

Follow the Cycles

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  • Follow your cycles, my dear woman, and plan accordingly. We do not exist in a separate dimension from our bodies. Our hormones and menstruation affect how we feel every day. We go through cyclical hormonal changes every month, so follow your moods and learn your patterns - it will help you understand when your motivation is at it's best. There are apps that can help your keep track. I use Clue, but there's Flo, Eve or plenty others that let you log moods & health as well as your menstruation. Knowing your mood patterns will allow you to predict when you need more time alone, when your creativity is more likely to flow, etc. This will help you plan ahead and make use of where your energy is at each week of every month. A great place to start learning about this is Miranda Gray's Book "Red Moon". But I hope to create more resources for this in the future.

  • Follow the moon. If you're into astrology & learning more about the moon, you could incorporate that into the way you work and plan your priorities. That also applies to setting intentions on the new moon, and reflecting on what you'd like to let go of each full moon. But you can also create other rituals & reflections around this.

  • Connecting with the seasons is important if you want to experience more of the magic of this world. It's also important to remember what season of the year you're in as your energy and mood will be affected by that, too. Give yourself more time to incubate ideas, reflect and plan ahead in the winter months. Make time to rest then as your energy will be lower. Nature is resting and focusing on it's roots, it foundation, so you're allowed & encouraged to do the same. If you're planning a new product launch or want to pitch yourself to more potential collaborators and clients, perhaps you can plan that for spring. You'll find yourself more energeting and keen to get outdoors and be active, to socialise more then. Channel these seasonal shifts of energy. It will help you make the most of every season, and work in sync with your energy, rather than against it.

Follow your Intuintion

  • Trust your intuition. It's your best guide. Being a witch for me is not about following wiccan spells and rituals. It's about learning to listen to your own deep inner wisdom and knowing. You can use symbols, rituals and tools intuitively by what they mean to you. If it's your thing, you can create and do your own rituals. If it's not your thing - all it may mean is that you learn to trust your gut more with each decision you make & let that drive you in your mission, vision and purpose! Be a witch your own way! The power is yours. So when you have to make big business decisions, set goals or work out who you want to work with or for, listen to your gut. Let that inner knowing guide your way through life & business.

  • I'm an avid planner, however, I allow my intuition to guide me through my working days, too. If I am craving to photograph or work with images, I use that inspiration & feeling to my benefit. Of course, if I have pressing client work or some other deadline, I focus on that and get it done. But if I have some degree of flexibility - I let my gut guide me. Some days, I wake up and I want to organise, on others, I feel like lighting a candle and spending some time writing. Whatever it is, if I follow where my mind and heart is, I create work that is better & more inspired. If my energy is at a place where I want to organise & tidy, I will be smarter, more innovative and quicker at doing it, than if I forced myself to do my accounting on a day when I just want to draw.

I hope you enjoy reading & practicing these tips, and rituals. If you do, please do tag me in your Instagram stories, leave a comment below or send me an email to aistesaulyte@gmail.com to let me know how it's going. I'd love to hear from you! And if you don't already, then subscribe to my Moon Letters below for more content like this each month.

Many moon blessings!


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