A Resource Guide for Soulful Business Owners. Includes a free PDF download.

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A Resource Guide for Soulful Business Owners.

Includes a free PDF download.

I started my business in 2016 and I honestly felt completely lost and alone. I do believe most of us launch into self-employment not always knowing what we’re doing or where to turn to for help. In the last two years I’ve gathered a community around me, I found my role models and I’ve been inspired by many people who are completely bossing it in their businesses. One of my favourite things to do has been to share these amazing people and their incredible resources with other creatives and small business owners. There is so much information available to us online these days. But especially when you’re just starting out, it can be so tricky to distill the quality content from your average advice. Not every advice out there is applicable to your business. And you don’t need to, and in fact it’s better that you don’t, listen to every person online telling you that these are “the exact 5 steps to take to make 6 figures” or “10 things you absolutely need to do for your business right now”. Above all, as a business owner (whether new or seasoned) you need to learn to listen to your own gut and wisdom. I believe that we know better what works and what doesn’t work for our lives, businesses and ourselves. I’ve listened to countless podcasts and read a million blog posts telling me I should do a certain thing and do it now, and then launched in pursuit of a thing or method that doesn’t truly work for me. It’s so easy to get inspired by someone’s story of success and want to go and do things that same way hoping it will also lead you to success. But our roads are each different. And if you want to build a strong and sustainable business, you’ve got to tailor it to your preferences, character, lifestyle, dreams and your own version of success. Over time I have learnt to tune out the noise and not follow every ‘to-do’ list out there without checking in with myself first and figuring out whether that is really applicable to my business. Or sometimes, whether it’s the right time to do that thing or if I should focus on something else and go at my own pace. Nowadays, when in doubt or in need of inspiration or advice, I tend to turn to those people or resources I have found to suit me and my business. They tend to be the kind of people or resources who give me the tools to achieve things in my own way. I have been collecting and noting down all these resources in the hopes that you may also find them useful and be able to keep them for reference in those times when you need to turn somewhere for more information or an inspiring pep-talk. I also created this to celebrate the incredible power of community and the myriad of resources available to us online that are created by generous and change-making creatives and business owners out there.

Sign up below to receive a link to download your copy of the Resource Guide for Soulful Business Owners, as well as my other free resources. You will find that the guide is broken down into useful sections to make it easy to refer to if and when needed and contains information you need to find everything online. I hope that you will use this as a starting point to further explore the work of these creatives, follow their journey, buy their products, work with them and stay tuned for more of their wisdom, knowledge and resources. Please do go on and support these people in whatever way you can. If you are not able to invest funds into working with them, remember that simple things like liking their content, giving them a follow and leaving comments on their social media and blogs is a huge help in getting their work seen by more people and potential clients. Remember, it’s #communityovercompetition.


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