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Day Out: Arundel

It was so lovely to just spend a day wandering about unfamiliar streets and using my camera to capture little memories for nothing but my own enjoyment, without any pressure for them to be great. As I've been working on building a business it has been too easy to forget to use the camera as a way of preserving my own memories and capturing the beautiful moments of my personal life. I'm hoping to do more of that this year and use this blog as a space to share my favourite captures.Here's the little frames of our day at Arundel.

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My Dreams & Intentions for 2018.

As I sat down to set out my goals & dreams for the year, three words came to the forefront of my mind: gratitude, consistency, intention. I wrote these words down, pinned them to my vision board & spent some time soaking in their meaning to me. 

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