My Reason & My Purpose

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My Reason & My Purpose



Photography means the world to me. But when it comes down to it, it's not the craft in itself, its what I see. I see a world full of magic, of love, of beauty. And my heart aches, because it knows loss, it knows grief and it longs to preserve what will be gone in the next moment. Photography is a way to keep the happiness I feel, the magical light, those few precious moments spent with family. It's also a way for me to embrace my own magic, to be who I am, to share the way I see the world, the way I dream & envision. Photography is visual poetry to me. It's abstract, it's filled with feeling. It's not something you can explain, it's something you feel in your gut. 

Photographs give me that feeling of being connected to every moment that made me. To every moment lived. That to me is the magic of being alive. Being really present and full of love. Photography is the one way I can hold on to people & life that is no longer here. It's the one testament to the life lived. And the people who have touched my heart.


Through photography, I can capture the  feeling of a moment in time. it's all a reference point, a way to bring me back to that moment. And that feeling that made me frame what's in front of me, and press the button in the first place. And it always takes me back. I can't always explain why I took a certain photograph. But I can feel it, I can feel that exact same feeling in my gut & in my heart that I felt when I stopped that moment in time. 

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Much in the same way as photography, illustration is a way to capture magic. It's entering into a dream world and sharing the stories, and myths of my own imagination. Through drawing I preserve the moments & feelings of my own inner world, just as I do with photography, but illustration is mostly a reference to something that happens in another plane - that of heart, spirit & dreams. 


My purpose - is to share the magic of this world with you.

To remind you of the possibilities that being alive holds: to feel, to experience, to wander, to connect, to love.

To help you preserve those feelings, memories, and people you love, so they may never be lost. So they may bring you back to that feeling, that moment. 

And to hold space for you to be fully and truly yourself - authentic, wild & beautiful. And to help share the magic within you. 

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I was born to adventure. To scrape knees and come home with dirt under my fingernails. I was born to create. To keep my heart open, to cry when I feel so much it pours from me like rain. I was born to make art. To be alive and ignite that aliveness in others. I wasn't born to be less than I am. Less than I can be. I was born to be wild and unapologethicly myself. By being simply myself, I hope to be able to hold space for others to be themselves too. A space for people to learn of their own beauty. A space for others to understand that their hearts & dreams deserve to be seen in the magical light of this world, too. That they are needed as their own true selves.


This is my mother. She taught me how to love. And how to see. With your eyes wide open, and the whole of your heart.

Her name is Dalia. In Lithuanian that means 'fate; destiny'.

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She taught me to recognise the magic of this world & the importance of treasuring moments. And I want to share that with others, too.

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