Podcasts I Have Appeared On: Grow With Soul & Fearless Hustle Collective

A portrait of me by Caro llamusi  www.carolinallamusi.com .

A portrait of me by Caro llamusi www.carolinallamusi.com.

Podcasts I Have Appeared On:

Grow With Soul & Fearless Hustle Collective

I am sure that if you’ve been following my work online for awhile, you will know this, but I constantly go on about how amazing podcasts are and how much value they add to my life, and business. I never saw myself as an audio learner,until I came across business and lifestyle podcasts. I have learnt so much from the myriad of podcasts I listen to daily. If you’d like to know some of my favourites, I wrote a blog post with my top podcast selections for soulful creatives and business owners. I have also linked many brilliant podscasts and specific episode recommendations in my free PDF guide to truly useful & free resources for creatives and small business owners, which you can gain access to by signing up to my monthly Moon Letters (read more here). I also share podcast recommendations in my Moon Letters every month. And I will certainly be creating other blog posts with more of my recommendations for podcasts as I have a list of about 200 that I subscribed to, which has some absolutely brilliant selections in various genres. But for now, I decided to put together a post featuring two brilliant podcasts and episodes that I have appeared on. One of the best qualities of podcasts is that the episodes are evergreen content that anyone can tune into whenever or wherever suits them. And it’s a brilliant way to connect to other people in their own time. I still get messages from people who stumble upon and resonate with our conversations and my ideas in these episodes, so I figured it would be helpful to give them a more permanent place here on my blog, so that more of you can find it and tune in when you’d like to! There’s a handy pin image at the end of the post, if you’d like to save it for future reading or listening.

On reaching and interacting with your audience. Kayte Ferris’ of Simple And Season podcast - Grow With Soul.

Grow With Soul a podcast for creative business owners about marketing with soul & integrity. I appeared on a coaching episode of the podcast. They are essentially recorded coaching sessions between different guests and Kayte, where Kayte mentors creatives through specific issues they most need help with. I find those episodes really relatable, insightful and helpful! Kayte helped me dive into the topic of reaching and interacting with my audience and understand how to niche down your content so it speaks to your people and maintains a clear brand identity. I still often go back to the valuable lessons learnt from this coaching session with Kayte and would highly recommend getting in touch with her if you need some clarity and guidance in your creative business marketing efforts. She has one on one coaching, online courses and an incredible amount of quality free content available.

Here’s what Kayte had to say about this episode:

“For episode 7 I have another coaching episode for you. Aistė Saulyte is a photographer, illustrator, writer, and witch. She creates etherial & emotive photography for whole-hearted & free-spirited creatives, brands, and couples. She was brought up in Lithuania but moved to London for university and after 5 years of city life decided to start fresh in Lewes, a small English town she knew nobody in. Here she launched her photography & illustration business and spends time growing connections locally & online based on honesty, vulnerability and sharing her authentic self. In this episode we talk about the difficulties of finding your way in business, dream clients, and connecting with an online audience as an introvert.


  • Aiste’s story to becoming a business owner

  • Defining yourself and your work, and niching

  • Reaching more people as an introvert

  • Interaction vs broadcast on social media

  • Being proactive by having an audience profile

  • Allowing your audience to see themselves in you

  • How do you figure out what’s relevant to talk about?

  • Planning content

  • Instagram as a tool

  • Outreach ideas”

    Kayte Ferris, Simple And Season.


On being Authentic. Anna Dunleavy’s Podcast - Fearless Hustle Collective.


Fearless Hustle Collective is a podcast hosted by a wedding & personal branding photographer Anna Dunleavy. It’s a podcast for female creative entrepreneurs who are craving honest conversations about the ups and downs of building and running a business. I’ve been keeping up with Anna’s podcast since its beginning and I can honestly say that her selection of guests, topics and authenticity of the conversations is truly enjoyable and valuable. Go have a listen to the podcast and be sure to leave her a review.

This is what Anna says about this episode:

“It’s episode 18, and this week I’m chatting to Aiste Saulyte - a fellow photographer who has grown her presence online by staying true to herself. Aiste specialises in portrait photography for couples and small brands. Her images have a certain bit of magic about them. Aiste openly shares about her struggles of running a small business, and her newsletter is packed full of honest conversations.

I chat to Aiste about her journey of setting up her business, the reasons behind her move away from London, what it’s like to share authentically online, and how being open and honest can lead to real connections.”

- Anna Dunleavy, Fearless Hustle Collective


I really hope you enjoy my chats with Kayte and Anna. And if you do, please recommend and share with your friends or community. These podcasts are created through sweat and inspiration of brilliant women for us to enjoy and benefit from for free. So a simple thing like a share or review can really help their podcasts thrive and reach new audiences who would enjoy their content.

You may have seen me mention before that I am hoping to start my own podcast this spring. Whilst life has thrown unexpected changes my way at the start of this year, and I have had to delay these plans a little, the project is still very much going forward. So keep your eyes peeled for that! And if you’d like to appear as a guest or have any recommendations of people I should chat to, send me an email to info@aistesaulyte.co.uk or comment below.

And if you have a show of your own and would like to have me on it to chat all about personal branding and lifestyle photography, creating a soulful brand, staying present, honest and authentic in your business and creating community online, or anything else that interests you, get in touch - I’d love to hear your idea: info@aistesaulyte.co.uk.


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