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My Dreams & Intentions for 2018.

As I sat down to set out my goals & dreams for the year, three words came to the forefront of my mind: gratitude, consistency, intention. I wrote these words down, pinned them to my vision board & spent some time soaking in their meaning to me. 

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Jess: Birling Gap - Portrait Session

This was one of those days that remind you completely why you're in this 100%, with all your heart. And why you cannot imagine yourself even wanting to do anything more than this. 

The other week I got to meet, photograph, and be photographed by Jess Mcghie, who is a very talented and whole-hearted couples photographer, and a beautiful human being.

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Ben & Naomi: River Ouse - Couple Session

It was serendipity. When I packed my bags, left my life in London and moved to Lewes - that magical little town that life kept leading me to. It was serendipity and her fairy magic senses that led Naomi here. And it was serendipity that tickled my gut when Ben & Naomi came into the pub I was working at one late Sunday afternoon.

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