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A Resource Guide for Soulful Business Owners. Includes a free PDF download.

I started my business in 2016 and I honestly felt completely lost and alone. I do believe most of us launch into self-employment not always knowing what we’re doing or where to turn to for help. In the last two years I’ve gathered a community around me, I found my role models and I’ve been inspired by many people who are completely bossing it in their businesses. One of my favourite things to do has been to share these amazing people and their incredible resources with other creatives and small business owners.

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10 Podcasts for a Soulful Creative Business

I always thought that auditory learning was just not for me. I hear a thing, it goes in via one ear and goes out via the other. I will always choose reading a book over listening to an audio version. Everything changed when I discovered podcasts. Perhaps because I’m actually a great listener when it comes to an in-person conversation I find podcasts really engaging and helpful. Nowadays, podcasts are part of my every day. I learn tons about business, creativity, self-care, magic and all sorts. So I figured I’d share 10 of my favourite business podcasts with you.

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