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Why I Left London and Moved to a Small Town

I’m a country girl through and through. After 5 years in the city I realised that my soul was craving the wilderness. So I made a bold move and here’s how I find myself living in the middle of beautiful English countryside, in a small town called Lewes.

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Inka: Hackney Marshes - Portrait Session

I met Inka a couple of years ago, and like it happens with certain souls - we bonded instantly. Inka is an incredibly talented poet & a co-founder of this wonderful sisterhood project called The Goddess League. She's also a bundle of love & female power. It felt very right when she asked me to create images for her upcoming website. We both knew the session would be some other level of divine!

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White Witch: A Self-Portrait Story

Almost two years ago I read Clarissa Pinkola Estés Women Who Run With the Wolves. It's full of collective knowledge and wisdom passed down through generations from our foremothers, the wise women of the past. Reading this book was a journey back to self. It became a source of so much creativity and positive change in my life that I continue to honour the stories and learnings in my artwork.

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