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Chloe: Yoga Garden - Portrait Session

If I could just spend every day like this, getting to know beautiful people, learning about their lives, their fears, their dreams, building friendships - I would. I love being in the presence of magic that people are. Especially people like Chloe, who strive to fulfil their potential & are so passionate about their purpose. And are so god damn real. I love real people. You're the people I'm here for. 100%.

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Viva Lewes: The Way We Work - Yoga Teachers of Lewes

This December I was asked by Viva Lewes to take portraits of local yoga teachers for their January issue. Katie, the editor of the magazine, suggested that we capture these portraits in a sacred place - the outdoors. I immediately jumped to the idea. What could be more sacred and beautiful than photographing women, who daily connect with their bodies and stretch their own limits, in the throne of nature. It sounded like something divine, and it truly was. 

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Jess: Birling Gap - Portrait Session

This was one of those days that remind you completely why you're in this 100%, with all your heart. And why you cannot imagine yourself even wanting to do anything more than this. 

The other week I got to meet, photograph, and be photographed by Jess Mcghie, who is a very talented and whole-hearted couples photographer, and a beautiful human being.

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Inka: Hackney Marshes - Portrait Session

I met Inka a couple of years ago, and like it happens with certain souls - we bonded instantly. Inka is an incredibly talented poet & a co-founder of this wonderful sisterhood project called The Goddess League. She's also a bundle of love & female power. It felt very right when she asked me to create images for her upcoming website. We both knew the session would be some other level of divine!

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Ellie: Pell's Pool - Portrait Session

It was late summer. The air was still warm, but the evenings brought about the peace & stillnes of approaching autumn. In the small details, you could see the calm of the end of summer. Ellie's presence was so serene, perfectly complemented by the stillness of the trees. We talked, walked , gazed at the quiet water and bathed in the tranquility of that summer eve.

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Cat: Moonlight Play - Portrait Session

At least every now and again it's hugely important to throw away some rules and experiment with your creativity. Consistency is great, but in order to grow in your work you have to test and cross your own boundaries. I've planned to do this shoot with Cat at golden hour, but as life sometimes happens, she turned up as the sun had already set.

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