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Anni: Home in the South Downs - Portrait Session

It is days like the one with Anni when I literally pray to the skies that I could do this ALL the time! Anni is a leadership coach, she lives in a home with a beautiful view to the South Downs and has a deep connection to nature. We took portraits for her upcoming website relaunch and talked about life, our stories, our childhoods, style and interior design, our alternative dreams of being farmers! 

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Chloe: Yoga Garden - Portrait Session

If I could just spend every day like this, getting to know beautiful people, learning about their lives, their fears, their dreams, building friendships - I would. I love being in the presence of magic that people are. Especially people like Chloe, who strive to fulfil their potential & are so passionate about their purpose. And are so god damn real. I love real people. You're the people I'm here for. 100%.

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Ellie: Pell's Pool - Portrait Session

It was late summer. The air was still warm, but the evenings brought about the peace & stillnes of approaching autumn. In the small details, you could see the calm of the end of summer. Ellie's presence was so serene, perfectly complemented by the stillness of the trees. We talked, walked , gazed at the quiet water and bathed in the tranquility of that summer eve.

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