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2018 in Review and My Goals for 2019

Last year I put my dreams down on paper and decided that they were my goals for the year. It was ambitious. But it was also necessary. By doing that, I allowed myself to dream without boundaries, to envision the bigger picture, to aim beyond my own self-imposed limits. I didn’t achieve all the goals I wrote down then. But what I realised at the end of 2018 is that I achieved all but a couple of those that actually mattered. And had I not set them down as goals at the start of the year, I don’t know if they would have actually happened.

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Learning to Take Up Space

In this post I am sharing some of these lessons I’ve learnt along the way as encouragement for you to claim your space, move beyond the fear and to show up with your gifts and talents in your life and business. Taking the space to do what you love and being part of the online world can feel vulnerable and intimidating, especially when comparison traps us with feelings of unworthiness and the idea that there’s no reason others would want to see more of us, our lives and our creations in a world that is full of talented and capable people. It is just fear and insecurity that holds us back. Because in reality, the world needs more people to show up, connect and share their light with the world.

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