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2018 in Review and My Goals for 2019

Last year I put my dreams down on paper and decided that they were my goals for the year. It was ambitious. But it was also necessary. By doing that, I allowed myself to dream without boundaries, to envision the bigger picture, to aim beyond my own self-imposed limits. I didn’t achieve all the goals I wrote down then. But what I realised at the end of 2018 is that I achieved all but a couple of those that actually mattered. And had I not set them down as goals at the start of the year, I don’t know if they would have actually happened.

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Mixing Magic and Business

I have a very intuitive and open idea of what being a witch means in the modern world. It’s not all about spells and Doreen Valiente style rituals. It’s about knowing your inner power, trusting your gut, letting your intuition guide your way and a deep connection with the natural world. But I also believe ritual to be a powerful way to concentrate your energy and focus - it’s like a combination of meditation, affirmations & visualisation. So here are some ways that you can bring a little bit more charm and magic into your business through symbols, rituals and use of your own intuition.

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My Dreams & Intentions for 2018.

As I sat down to set out my goals & dreams for the year, three words came to the forefront of my mind: gratitude, consistency, intention. I wrote these words down, pinned them to my vision board & spent some time soaking in their meaning to me. 

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