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Eminé: Spring Portrait Session

Eminé is a holistic living, brand & beauty consultant, editor, writer, blogger. She runs Leaf Create, The Balance Plan and is the director of Psychologies MagazineEminé is of those brilliant multi-hyphenate career women. Who brings simplicity, mindfullness and well-being into all aspects of her work & life. Her brand identity is fresh, leafy, green, peaceful & light. Her personality is sweet, soft, and thoughtful. I strived to create imagery that reflects that.

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Ellie: Pell's Pool - Portrait Session

It was late summer. The air was still warm, but the evenings brought about the peace & stillnes of approaching autumn. In the small details, you could see the calm of the end of summer. Ellie's presence was so serene, perfectly complemented by the stillness of the trees. We talked, walked , gazed at the quiet water and bathed in the tranquility of that summer eve.

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