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Why Weddings are Not the Only Time to Invest in Your Memories

Wedding photography is an old tradition. Most people wouldn’t even question the idea of having one of the most memorable days of their lives framed for them to remember for years to come. But love is a journey & an adventure that is worth celebrating each and every day. This blog post is all about why casual couples photography is such a worthy investment.

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Ieva & Julius: Brighton Beach - Couple Session

It's been such great feeling to be doing couple sessions again. There's really nothing quite like being in the presence of and capturing two people in love. It's a celebration of life! I strive to make my couple sessions as relaxed and natural as possible when you've got a third-wheel with a camera on what would otherwise be a perfectly romantic date! This way, I am rewarded with pure moments of joy, love and connection between two beautiful souls.

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Ben & Naomi: River Ouse - Couple Session

It was serendipity. When I packed my bags, left my life in London and moved to Lewes - that magical little town that life kept leading me to. It was serendipity and her fairy magic senses that led Naomi here. And it was serendipity that tickled my gut when Ben & Naomi came into the pub I was working at one late Sunday afternoon.

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