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Podcasts I Have Appeared On: Grow With Soul & Fearless Hustle Collective

I am sure that if you’ve been following my work online for awhile, you will know this, but I constantly go on about how amazing podcasts are and how much value they add to my life, and business. I never saw myself as an audio learner,until I came across business and lifestyle podcasts. I have learnt so much from the myriad of podcasts I listen to daily. I decided to put together a post featuring two brilliant podcasts and episodes that I have appeared on.

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10 Podcasts for a Soulful Creative Business

I always thought that auditory learning was just not for me. I hear a thing, it goes in via one ear and goes out via the other. I will always choose reading a book over listening to an audio version. Everything changed when I discovered podcasts. Perhaps because I’m actually a great listener when it comes to an in-person conversation I find podcasts really engaging and helpful. Nowadays, podcasts are part of my every day. I learn tons about business, creativity, self-care, magic and all sorts. So I figured I’d share 10 of my favourite business podcasts with you.

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