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My Best Photos of 2018

As I wrapped up 2018, I realised that the highlight of my year has been the work I created and all the amazing the people I got to work and collaborate with. The process of looking through, selecting and collecting my favourite images wasn’t easy as there is so much that I loved creating this year. But that realisation alone makes me feel really proud and fulfilled as a photographer. I cannot wait to see what I create in 2019, but for now, here is my 2018 from January to December in photographs.

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Eminé: Spring Portrait Session

Eminé is a holistic living, brand & beauty consultant, editor, writer, blogger. She runs Leaf Create, The Balance Plan and is the director of Psychologies MagazineEminé is of those brilliant multi-hyphenate career women. Who brings simplicity, mindfullness and well-being into all aspects of her work & life. Her brand identity is fresh, leafy, green, peaceful & light. Her personality is sweet, soft, and thoughtful. I strived to create imagery that reflects that.

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Viva Lewes: Beekeepers of Lewes

I learned a lot of new things about beekeeping, but most importantly I had the chance to meet and speak to people who love what they do and have such a beautiful dedication to their bees and their craft. Due to certain industrial farming practices and environmental issues, bee populations have been increasingly experiencing very hard times. And yet they play such a pivotal role in the food system.

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