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Why You Need to Show Yourself & The Value of Inspiring Portraits for Creatives & Small Business Owners

If you’re an artist, a creative, a small business owner seeking to develop and nurture a connection with your audience, customers and clients, you need to show up and show the person behind the brand. People buy from brands and businesses they trust. And that trust is created through a personal connection. Good photography not only completes a beautiful brand, but it inspires & fosters a connection with your audience. This blog post is all about why you need inspiring photography for your business.

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Inka: Hackney Marshes - Portrait Session

I met Inka a couple of years ago, and like it happens with certain souls - we bonded instantly. Inka is an incredibly talented poet & a co-founder of this wonderful sisterhood project called The Goddess League. She's also a bundle of love & female power. It felt very right when she asked me to create images for her upcoming website. We both knew the session would be some other level of divine!

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