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My Dreams & Intentions for 2018.

As I sat down to set out my goals & dreams for the year, three words came to the forefront of my mind: gratitude, consistency, intention. I wrote these words down, pinned them to my vision board & spent some time soaking in their meaning to me. 

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Viva Lewes: The Way We Work - Yoga Teachers of Lewes

This December I was asked by Viva Lewes to take portraits of local yoga teachers for their January issue. Katie, the editor of the magazine, suggested that we capture these portraits in a sacred place - the outdoors. I immediately jumped to the idea. What could be more sacred and beautiful than photographing women, who daily connect with their bodies and stretch their own limits, in the throne of nature. It sounded like something divine, and it truly was. 

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Viva Lewes: Beekeepers of Lewes

I learned a lot of new things about beekeeping, but most importantly I had the chance to meet and speak to people who love what they do and have such a beautiful dedication to their bees and their craft. Due to certain industrial farming practices and environmental issues, bee populations have been increasingly experiencing very hard times. And yet they play such a pivotal role in the food system.

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