Let me capture & express your own unique character, beauty and purpose.

I love working with creatives, bloggers, artists & performers, creative business owners, mentors and healers to create portraits that represent your own unique self and the ethos of your creative work or brand. It's perfect if you're looking fora variety of photography for your website or social media platforms. 

If you're simply a soul wishing to capture your beauty and your imprint on this world -  I'd love to create something for you personal use, memory books and wall. It can be a great gift for a loved one to book them a session of self-love!

Whatever you're looking for, get in touch and I'll answer all your questions. 

Have a look at the packages I offer below.

- Individuals, Friends, Bands -

Creative Portrait Package - starts at £300*

Portrait sessions are ideal for you, whether you just want to celebrate who you are at this moment in time, your own unique beauty, or are seeking for professional shots for editorials, social media, your website, if you're a musician, dancer, actor, speaker, etc. 

In these sessions, I want us to spend time getting to know each other and exploring your different sides, moods, emotions. I want to capture You, in all your gloriously irridescent energy, character and flow. Creativity and inspiration are really important here. So if you connect to my work creatively- give me a shout and let's create something magical together! 

Friends / Siblings Package - starts at £350*

This session is designed to celebrate your friendship. I am there to bring out your relationship to each other, but also to allow the nature of your own individual personalities to shine and to be supported by each other's presence. These are also perfect if you're a creative or entrepreneurial team working together and looking for a session to capture the soul of your project.

Band Package - starts at £400*

This package is specifically for promotional band photography. For me as an artist, a photographer and illustrator, music and visual art always go hand in hand. My photography is always inspired by sound, and often specific music style & artists. So I'd love to combine these in providing you with photography that breathes your music, that reflects the tones of your sounds, expresses your character as a band and speaks to the right audience. 

* Price is dependent on travel, location, time, outfit changes, etc.