Are You Ready To Own your magic AND Transform Your Brand?

Or does it feel like it's falling short of expressing everything you have to offer. Does it keep you and your magic in hiding? Maybe you even feel a tad embarrassed by it? Or find yourself hiding your website because you cringe at the thought of sharing it. Feeling reluctant to show your face on your social media, because nothing you share feels good enough, or inspiring even to you, let alone your dream clients? Do I head a resounding yes to all this? That's OK! I've been there, too. Good news is - your brand gets to fire you up and reflect your intrinsic magic. So you can stop hustling to prove your worth, and own it instead.

Do you feel excited by your own brand? Does it feel fully expressive of how incredible you are? Does truly reflect all the expertise, skills, talent and the huge amounts of care that you pour into your work? Does it help you show up with confidence in your own uniqueness. setting you apart from your competition, communicating to your audience exactly what makes you different? Does it speak directly to the hearts of your dream clients? And does it do the work of continuing to speak of your brilliance, when you are in need of rest, or a step back from active visibility, so you can focus on whatever needs tending the most right now? 

Enrolment Closes soon!

Embrace your multi-passionate nature and become your niche. So you can pursue what you love, change your mind, pivot and evolve without wasting any of that hard work you've put into building your brand. 

Attract clients and customers who respect your process, your pricing, time and boundaries. They value you and are just as invested in working with you, as you are in serving and supporting them!

Be done with feeling restricted by your own brand. You're ready go after your big picture vision and build a brand that gives you wings.

Stop feeling like you need to hustle harder, keep your prices low, and add even more value to what you sell so people see your products and services as worthwhile. Burnout isn't part of your version of success.

Ditch endlessly tweaking your branding, content, website, and wasting more money investing in photos, designs and templates you never use in the end, because none of it ever feels fully right.

Gain clarity and confidence around your brand vision. Along with the tools and strategies to make it come to life. So you can craft a brand in full alignment with your values, personality and purpose. And a business that supports the dreams and life you truly desire.

YOu are ready to...

Your Brand Is Waiting For you To Stop Hiding In The Shadows

You know You are capable of so much more

I've been there… cringing at my own brand, hiding away, not fully sharing who I am and what I have to offer for fear of what people will think. I didn't feel able to express my potential and all that I already have to offer, and do it justice. So I'd just keep hiding. And nothing would change. Until I decided that it was time to stop hiding my magic. To claim my own brilliance and all that I had to offer. To get inspired and excited by my own brand. I knew I wanted to create a brand that serve as a beacon of light for my dream clients to find me, and get excited to work with me, too. So if you feel deflated about your brand right now. That's OK.

But you get to have more than that. You get to feel elated, excited and expanded by your own brand. And the possibilities it can open up for you, now and long into the future! You get to have a brand that shines boldly and confidently. That makes your competition irrelevant, because your niche is YOU. You get to show up in a way that exudes confidence in who you are, and what you have to offer this world. With a brand that helps your dream clients and customers find you, and fall in love with you, and your work. 

It's time Your People see, know and trust Your Magic

The Aligned Brand Course is a brand building and embodiment course that will give you the tools, strategies and tailored support to take your unique magic, and craft it into a magnetic personal brand. If you want to have a space where you can be reminded of how incredible you are when you just don't feel it yourself, then this course is for you. If you want help to move you out of stuck-ness, self-doubt and questioning into action - then this course if for you. And if you want to feel inspired, excited and moved to step into your full potential, then this course is for you!

I have I've been shrinking away from embracing my own potential for years. Afraid people would judge me for being too bold. I struggled and hustled my mind and body to burn-out trying to prove my worth. And my business was still stuck. I was stuck. Until I stopped shrinking and allowed myself to fully own who I am and what I have to offer. Slowly, I stopped trying to follow who I though I should be, to deserve more. I began to own what I bring to the table, and brought that into my brand. Did it bring overnight success? No, there's no magic fix for that. But it did change how I feel about myself and my own value. Which in turn has shifted the way that people respond to my brand, too. And that has allowed me to step into the next level of my business faster than I ever thought it would be possible for me. Turns out, it's not that I needed to hustle harder and become someone I wasn't yet. I just needed to own who I already am.

Meet Your Guide

The Journey

We'll start off with getting clear as to what makes a brand aligned, why it matters for your business and audience. Identify the key pillars and stages of creating and evolving a strong personal brand. And explore common challenges that can present themselves along the way, and how to move past them.

+ Getting Clarity On Your Big Picture Vision
+ Journalling + Vision Board Exercises
+ Brand Calibration

Week 2 - 3 Trainings Include:

Module 2: brand Vision

inside the Curriculum:

Before you can build your brand, you need to know where you're going, and why. We'll reflect on where you are now, dream and cast your big picture vision into the future through some journalling and vision exercises. This is a foundational part that will support you to gain clarity around your aligned brand strategy and essence.

+ Pre-work
+ Stages of Building An Aligned Brand
+ Core Pillars Of A Magnetic Brand
+ Common Mindset Blocks

Week 1 Trainings Include:

Module 1: Introduction

Tapping into your personal story, establishing your brand values, mission, understanding your aligned clients and customers, your signature offers, brand positioning, unique selling point and more. This is the groundwork you need to craft a unique brand identity.

+ Finding your authentic voice.
+ Crafting an aligned visual brand identity.
+ Creative direction & photoshoot planning.
+ Creating on-brand visuals and content.
+ Building a stand-out website.

Week 9-17 Trainings Include:

Module 4: Brand Creation

Next, we'll work on creating your visual brand identity, through aligned design, photography, copy and content. We'll also delve into how to pull this together cohesively to build a stand-out website and a consistent brand presence. So you can bring your brand vision to life.

+ Uncovering Your Brand Story
+ Crystallising Your Brand Essence
+ Understanding Your Ideal Client
+ Brand Strategy Foundations
+ Aligned Offers, Pricing & Client Experience

Week 4-8 Trainings Include:

Module 3: brand Strategy

With the strategy and assets you need in place, you'll work on creating a marketing strategy that's aligned with your brand and unique gifts. So you can start to show up, increase your brand visibility, build your community, grow your network and connect more deeply with your audience. We'll look at the challenges that can get us stuck at this stage and how to overcome or turn them into opportunities for your brand.

+ Regular Brand Check-In & Signs of Alignment and Misalignment
+ Rebrand vs Refresh: Growing Intentionally
+ Brand Evolution Challenges & Opportunities

Week 21-23 Trainings Include:

Module 6: Brand Refinement

As you grow and evolve, your brand needs to evolve with you. This final part of the curriculum isn't really where the journey ends. You will learn how to pivot, tweak or embrace a full rebrand with clarity and intention, so when your brand isn't aligned with where where you are or where you're going anymore, you can confidently enter a new era of your brand.

+ Crafting An Aligned Marketing Strategy
+ Defining Your Own Version Of Consistency
+ Growing An Aligned Community and Audience
+ Social Media Visibility And Leadership
+ Creating Content From The Heart
+ Experimentation, Trends And Showing Up In Alignment With Your Unique Magic

Week 18-20 Trainings Include:

Module 5: Brand Embodiment

This Is for you, If...

You know it's time to fully embody and own your brilliance. And you want a sustainable and aligned way to show up online do so that works for you, your business and your life.

You're ready for a change. But you need more clarity, knowledge or guidance to support your growth and help you make aligned changes as you step into this new season of your brand.

You're just starting a business and want to lay solid foundations and build an aligned brand from the get go. Building your business in an aligned and intentional way will set you up so much better than having to tweak and re-align later.

This Will Not Be right for you, If...

You're looking for a magic fix and formula. This course is about doing the deep work, and creating a brand that aligns with your unique personality and vision, not a copy of someone else's. 

You don't have any time whatsoever to implement at least some of what you learn. No course can make a difference in your business, if you just soak it up, but never put what you learn into practice. 

You feel in complete alignment and confidence in your brand. And have the clarity you need around your next steps. You're ready to evolve into and embody the next version of you, without needing any more  support. You've got this - keep doing you, my friend!

What you get:

+ Weekly Trainings & Exercises

+ Bi-Weekly Live Q&A Calls

+ Lifetime Access To All Materials

Every Monday you'll have new trainings drop, structured to be digeastable and actionable, so you can take strategic and intentional steps to craft your dream brand.

These calls will be an opportunity for you to get hands-on support, tailored advice, get unstuck and help you stay accountable as you build and tweak your brand.

Whether you choose to work through everything now, or return to things later - you'll have the support you need to grow and evolve with your brand long term.

the investment

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You can Absolutely figure it all out On your own, But it does not mean you Have to. it's Ok to empower yourself with support.

I don't have the answers about what a deeply aligned brand looks like for you. No one can do that for you. You can hire all the experts and invest in all the courses, but only you know what you truly desire in this life. And only you know yourself as deeply and intimately as you do. So if you're in search of clarity around the meaning, purpose, direction or what showing up in true alignment in your brand looks like for you, those answers lie within you. But this doesn't mean you have to figure them out alone. Or that there are no tools and strategies that can support you to gain clarity and build your deeply aligned brand with confidence. What I am here to do with this course, is to offer you a space where you can be supported more deeply to figure this all out in an intentional and strategic way.

 So you're not wasting precious weeks, months and years of your life staying stuck, indecisive and unsure of who you are, what you have to bring to the table and how exactly to make that show and reflect fully in your brand. I'm also here to hold a mirror for you to see your own magic, to be a sounding board for your own ideas, and to help shine a light on your blindspots. So you can truly see your full potential. I'm not here to spoon-feed you any should's and have to's when it comes to how your brand feels, looks, sounds and shows up. But I am here to give you options and tools you can choose to utilise as you best see fit. And then help you discern what may or may not work best for you and your brand. 

Just reach out to me via, and I can help you work out if this is an aligned investment for you. No pushing or pressure - just honest advice about whether this is a good fit!

I'm not sure if this is right for me At this stage!

The calls will be on every other Monday starting the 4th of September. The first call will be at 3pm UK time, but future calls may be adjusted to better suit the majority of those in the group!

What time will the bi-weekly calls be held? 

You can and will make more money if you invest in building and evolving your brand. And you absolutely can make your investment back quickly with some simple tweaks to your brand. There's no doubt in the possibility of that, but I can't promise you overnight success or guarantee the results. You've got to show up and do the work, and the results from investing in your brand go way beyond just money. Your brand is a long-term investment.

I'm nervous about investing, will This Pay off?

The value you'll receive from the course doesn't rely on you making it to the calls live. The calls are there for extra support and guidance. So I do recommend trying to make time for them, but you'll still get plenty out of the course anyway! If you know you can't make it to any of the calls, you can also submit questions beforehand that I can then address during the call. Replays will be available for all calls, so you can catch up in your own time.

What if I can't make it to the live calls?

Yes, the idea is to build the course by taking this founding group through the experience. So I can take their feedback and tailor the course to serve everyone better. Once the course is built over these next 6 month, I will open enrolment again. I reserve to change my mind, but the plan is to open it for 2024. However, it won't have the same personal support as this round. The goal is to make this a self-paced curriculum. So if you join now, you get a lot of additional value for this price point, as the investment will remain the same.

The timing isn't quite right for me. Will this be open again?