Meet Becs - an intuitive brand and website designer behind @truenaturedreams based in York, UK. Where she lives with her son and puppy. She's a dreamer, a wild soul and a nature lover who has lived and travelled widely, and has explored many passions before becoming a solo parent and business owner. She's lived in Paris as a full-time model and spent 6 years in Australia. She worked in the UK as a designer for a global brand agency and lived in Australia for 6 years. Travelled every continent and worked as a yoga and reiki practitioner, too. She has loved, lived and dreamed passionately. Her home is filled with crystals, nature finds and her days are filled with adventures (usually barefoot), creativity and building a dream life one day at a time. As a sensitive, deep-thinking, free-spirited and loving soul, Becs is fuelled by her passion for creativity, wellbeing and helping other women live a life they love. The clients she loves to support are women on a spiritual and creative path, too. They are highly sensitive, empaths, intelligent and creative souls, who work in artistic and wellness spaces. Becs supports her clients in transforming their brand and businesses and communicate their true essence, their own brand of magic, online. So they can feel more empowered in sharing their gifts with the world. And feel inspired and excited about their own brand and able to grow their businesses in a sustainable way, honouring who they are. It brings me so much joy to be able to hold a mirror to and capture Becs in her own magic through photography, much in the same way she is able to truly see and guide her own clients in their brand journeys. 

Yorkshire, Uk

True Nature Dreams, Brand & Website Designer

As you explore the galleries, you'll find that each photoshoot is as unique as the heart and soul behind each brand. Your brand is the strongest when you embrace your individuality and tell your story in a way that feels true to who you are.