As a website and brand designer, Freya holds space for her clients to tune into their authentic selves and creates websites that are channels for their unique expression. Freya uses seasonal brand personality method in her work. Her own brand expression is a joyful, refined spring brand that has a lot of peach tones, and a glow of the golden summer light. We carefully chose all the elements and locations for her brand photoshoot to capture Freya's bubbly personality, sophisticated style, love of design, flowers, nature and delighting in life.

Somerset, Uk

Brand & Website Designer

"Aiste delivered above and beyond my expectations. From the moment we spoke, I knew she was something special. Her love, dedication and passion for what she does shines through every part of the process. 

Being a branding designer, I’m very particular and what I desire the visual outcome to be and had always struggled to find a photographer who could achieve the right atmosphere, depth of storytelling and character I wanted for my brand.

I was hesitant to reach out to Aiste as though I loved the photography I had seen of hers the colours were too dark for my brand and I felt it wasn’t right to ask her to change her style for me. But thank goodness I did reach out to her as she shared with me how she could adjust the colouring and achieve the look I wanted and that she did! I’m in awe at her patience and support throughout the experience of working together, she listened to ever fear, hesitation, desire or outcome I wanted and then expanded me, educated me, supported me further than any other collaborator I’ve worked with. 

Aiste is a true specialist at branding photography, she takes the time too deeply understand the intricacies of you and your businesses story and knows how to bring that to life on camera. 

I felt so safe and reassured by Aiste every step of the way, from booking, to planning, to the location, outfits, props, organisation, and of course the actual day of the shoot, any moment I was unsure, Aiste was there supporting and guiding me to step further into my authentic expression. 

I am so blow away by the photographs I received, Aiste really managed to capture my personality, brand aesthetic and so much more! I have SO many outstanding photos to use, the problem is deciding which ones!! 

I plan to work with Aiste for all my future shoots, no one crafts an experience so beautiful and a result so magnificent like she does! 

Aiste educates and empowers you personally and in your business in ways beyond comprehension. Her touch ripples through your business and your life. She is a joy to collaborate with and to personally know. She has been a massive impact on my business and I cant wait to continue to watch the success of our shoot blossom throughout the year!"

What Freya had to say about her experience:

As you explore the galleries, you'll find that each photoshoot is as unique as the heart and soul behind each brand. Your brand is the strongest when you embrace your individuality and tell your story in a way that feels true to who you are.